My Harry Potter garden

Yes, it’s true–I’m a nerd in SO many ways.  Gardening, Harry Potter, and the list goes on and on.

When my daughter was younger, she was SO into Harry Potter (truth be told, actually, she still is, at age 19).  And my sister’s daughter was as well.  And eventually the whole family, pretty much, was involved in voraciously reading the Harry Potter books (and going to the movies).

I had seen an article about creating “theme gardens”–the writer of the article actually created an Alice in Wonderland garden that I thought was really cool.  Of course, I can’t actually remember any of the aspects of this garden that made it Alice in Wonderland.  But I remember thinking it was a really neat idea.  And, of course, since the Harry Potter fever had taken its hold on my family, that was my first thought–make a garden where all the plants have names that could have come out of Harry Potter.

So, I was off–no controlling me, really, when the creative fever strikes.  I got my hands on a big, flat rock and painted “The Harry Potter Garden” on it (along with a little lightning-bolt). I planted ‘Hermione’ hyacinths, snakeroot (also known as bugbane), ‘Dragon’s Blood’ sedum, wolfsbane, lupines, ‘Witch’s Wand’ iris, and ‘Midnight Magic’ daylilies.  Within the next few years, the garden became much shadier, so I actually moved out the daylilies and some of the irises and replaced them with ‘Purple Dragon’ astilbe, ‘Winky’ hydrangea, and ‘Ghost’ fern.

'Hermione' hyacinths

Over the years I’ve added some ornaments to the garden. . . a garden gnome, an owl (I call her Hedwig), and Trevor the Toad.  (I’m particularly fond of that one, since my husband’s name is Trevor.)

Many people that visit my garden, I think, don’t really get it. . . but it’s still fun for me to tend it and think about some of my favorite books. And every time I see a shade-tolerant plant with a really cool, Harry Potter-ish name, I try to figure out where I could put it. :)

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2 Responses to My Harry Potter garden

  1. I love the HP garden. As much as a 19 year old can love a garden 😉

    • Sandi says:

      Haha–yeah, one thing I didn’t mention in the post is that at the time I thought the HP garden might spur you on to an interest in gardening. . . . Seems kind of funny now! 😉

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