Getting down and dirty

Well, I got it all done—we were out working in the yard much of the day yesterday, and MAN OH MAN did it feel good!  I’m a little stiff today, which always happens after the first few times out, but eventually I’ll get used to all the bending again. 

And what a gorgeous day it was here yesterday!  I started out in a sweatshirt but very quickly had to shed that and walk around in a tank top—even got a little sun on my winter-white shoulders! :)  

I got all the beds cleaned out while Trevor sucked leaves out of the beds under our big trees, then he weeded the vegetable garden (which has no vegetables in it at this point, only lots of weeds) while I sprayed my beds for grass.  (Yes, I use chemicals in my gardens and I refuse to feel guilty about it.  It’s the only way I’ve found I can get rid of grass in the established beds.)  Then I did some weeding and tidying up—I dug out a huge dandelion in one of my beds that I swear was as big as my head.  Unfortunately, I ended up leaving a bit of the root behind, so I’m sure it will be back.  But I (and my industrial-size tub of Roundup) will be ready for it!

After I finished all that, I dragged my darling daughter along with me to a nursery for some plant shopping—I knew it would be busy there because of the beautiful weather (and it was), but I achieved my goal of nabbing some “lemon licorice” plants—they always go fast and last year I missed them.  I just love yellow-green foliage in among the flowers in my planters—I also use a ton of ‘Margarita’ sweet potato vine.  I picked up a few ‘Blackie’ sweet potato vines (I love the dark purple/black/chartreuse combination in my pots) and then caved in to temptation and fashion by picking up a few of the new black petunias.  They are pretty cool!

I can’t wait to start potting up my plants, but I suppose at this point it will be at least this coming weekend before I get to any of that.  So this week I will just enjoy all my daffodils and tulips and look forward to much more blooming to come! :)


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3 Responses to Getting down and dirty

  1. Meredith says:

    Sandi –

    What did you use to get rid of the grass in your established beds? This year, I have a large amount of grass creeping into my flower beds. I was wondering if there was something relatively safe that would be quicker than getting down there and pulling by hand and not ruining the perennials. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Sandi says:

      I use Ortho Grass-B-Gon Grass Killer–it comes ready to use in a spray bottle and I’ve found it works really well. I’ve yet to find it in a garden center around here, but I’ve been ordering from (I have not looked lately, though, so maybe by now someone around here is carrying it.)

      It’s the only way I’ve found to be able to get rid of the grass without having to completely start over and re-do the beds–I usually do maybe two or three applications per summer. (I’m hoping that eventually the grass will be gone for good, but that might be too much to hope for.) 😉

      Hope it works for you!

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