Flower confessions

Ok. . . so, I freely admitted awhile back that I have a Harry Potter garden.  The height of nerd-dom, you probably thought at the time. 

Flower confessions time. A few years ago I was browsing through the Schreiner’s iris catalog online—man, do they have a huge variety of irises.  Any color you can think of.  All different sizes, styles, more than I ever imagined was available, as a former non-iris aficionado.  Well, you should also know that Star Wars first came out about the time I was in junior high (I know I’m seriously dating myself), and my two best friends and I were just crazy about that rakish Han Solo.  We went to The Empire Strikes Back many, many times.  So as I was browsing through this iris collection online, I came across a gorgeous, batik-y sort of looking dark and light purple iris called Millennium Falcon (which was the name of Han Solo’s ship, for the uninitiated).  Do you think I could resist it?  (If you answered “No,” you are learning.)  Although it was a bit pricier than I was used to paying for irises (I think it was in the neighborhood of 30 dollars, as opposed to my usual 7 or 8), I just had to have it. 

Millennium falcon

Then I stumbled onto a beautiful, light periwinkle blue one called Skywalker. . . and you know the rest of the story. 


Then the little dwarf iris called Dark Vader was added to the mix, and there you go. 

Dark Vader

 It’s not really a “Star Wars garden,” per se, because it’s only the three irises that are named for Star Wars and they’re mixed in with a bunch of other things. But every time I see those Dark Vader irises I chuckle to myself because of the play on words (I’m easily amused), and the Skywalker and Millennium Falcon irises are truly stunning. I think the whole concept also loses a bit in the translation because Dark Vader blooms quite a bit earlier than the other two—it’s done before they’ve even started.

I don’t spread it around too much, what their names are, because you know, people already think I’m a bit strange.  :)

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2 Responses to Flower confessions

  1. I didn’t even know about these flowers! Crazy :)

    • Sandi says:

      Yeah, I suppose I probably put them in after your obsession with Star Wars was over. Plus, you were more into the Anakin (sp?) episodes than the Han Solo/Luke Skywalker ones. :)

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