“Po-TAY-toes. . . boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew”. . . . I can hardly think of potatoes without hearing that line from the Lord of the Rings in my head.  But you’re interested in gardening, not my family’s movie obsessions. ;)

My potatoes look like they are coming along well.  Not ever having planted them before, I’m not real sure how they’re supposed to be.  The directions that came with the potatoes said to dig a trench, put the potatoes in the bottom, and just cover them with dirt, leaving the rest of the trench open, and then as they grow, fill in the rest of the dirt.  I did really try to do that. . . but as the potatoes sprouted and the leaves started coming up, I realized I would have a hard time covering them over with dirt again and again. . . it just seems counter-intuitive, somehow.  So I filled in the trenches pretty much right away, and it looks like (at this point, anyway) they are none the worse for it. 

Cranberry red

I’ve also heard that many people plant them in “hills”—but my garden is set up in rows, and I didn’t want to have to re-arrange things just to cater to my taters, so to speak. (Yeah, sorry about that.)

Princesse la Rat

If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, I’m sure you’ll remember that I planted four different kinds of potatoes—Cranberry Red; All Blue; a white, red-skinned variety whose name escapes me at the moment; and a white fingerling called Princesse la Rat (who could resist that name??).

Maybe in the end I’ll wish I had followed the directions—but at this point I think my taters look great!

Oh, and here’s a quick shot of the “Skywalker” iris I took last night—gorgeous, no? :)

Skywalker iris

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5 Responses to Potatoes

  1. Hugh Ivie says:

    I’ve grown potato’s[organically: ie: no pesticides etc] in my back yard [small plot] for a couple years…I do as you say you do in planting them…I only do one other thing when the potato’s start showing above ground I cover them with straw…If you don’t you will get green potato’s…Just put then in the ground…keep em watered…cover the above ground potato’s and wait until it’s fall…dig them and enjoy…they always taste 100% better than anything you can buy in the store and if you have a cool dry place to store them they will keep a long time…Hugh

  2. Mary Lass says:

    Hi Sandi! I have been growing potatoes for years & yours look great (they are pretty hard to kill). Where did you find such interesting varieties? I planted mine in rows this year for the first time & I think it looks better & it is easier to weed. One helpful hint I would suggest is to pull the dirt up around the plant as it grows up – making a mound. Potatoes grow (kind of) in layers from the roots so a higher mound will yeild more potatoes. Good luck with your beautiful garden. I enjoy your blog – it is on my “favorites” list. I am also a Master Gardener (Becker Co) & love getting inspiration from fellow gardeners!

    • Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

      I found them all online–just browsing all of the vegetables on my favorite seed sites this past winter. The Princesse la Rat was recommended in a book I read (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) so I actually searched for that specific one. Thanks for the support–always fun to connect with other MGs!! :)

  3. Avatar of Lyz Lyz says:

    I love that you choose varieties by the name. I would sooo do the same thing.

    “cater to my taters” – perfection. I’m glad you went there.:)

    Also, how cool is it that you have a Star Wars GARDEN?! What a lovely nerdy thing to do!

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