Sharing the garden

A coworker-friend of mine and her mother came over last night for a garden tour (which, at our house, always culminates in a glass of wine on the deck).  :)  She was kind enough to bring cheese and crackers to go with our wine, too, so we had a lovely time chatting, eating, and drinking on the deck after we’d done our tour of the yard.

Hanging pots

Trevor and I were talking afterward about how nice it is to have people over in the summer—we both work so hard on our yard and gardens that it’s really rewarding to be able to share them with friends and family. My parents also occasionally bring friends or visiting relatives by for a tour and a glass of wine—and even when it’s a complete surprise, we always enjoy it.

I think part of the appeal is to be able to share something that’s such a large part of our lives (in the summer, anyway), and I think part of it is also the fact that it gets US out in the yard, enjoying and appreciating the surroundings and the weather. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the work that we don’t take the time, ourselves, to just relax and enjoy.

There are times, I admit, that I get just a bit stressed if someone comes to see the gardens and I’ve not had a chance to weed or deadhead in advance. But I also am aware that we are far more critical of our own spaces than other people are—they are usually so busy taking in all of the pleasant things to notice the occasional weed or ratty looking plant.

So, I try to schedule people to come over when I’m ready for them (which usually means having had a weekend at home to prepare), but I also assure my parents that they are welcome to bring people by anytime. Because sharing in the beauty of nature is what it’s all about for a gardener.  :)

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4 Responses to Sharing the garden

  1. Stephanee Everson says:


    What a fun surprise to be reading the Duluth paper and then seeing your smiling face on the front page! Love it!

    So glad to be able to say I know you! :)

  2. Rick says:

    Hey I just read your blog and wanted to ask if your friends had gardens also?

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