Lilies, part one

I used that title because I know I will have to do another lilies post, when my “late” lilies are blooming—I have a couple that are just stunning.

But for now, the very earliest have been done for a couple of weeks and the mid-season ones are coming on full force.  (I should mention, I am talking Asiatic lilies, here—not daylilies.  Those are a completely different thing.  I have a few of those as well, but none of them are blooming yet.)

I posted a picture last week of a dark red one—it’s called Monte Negro.  At the same time I ordered those I also ordered a light yellow (double) called Fata Morgana (WHERE do they get these names??) and a really dark, almost black one called Lindini.  I thought the combination would be nice (and they were on sale—who could resist?), so I put them all in the two beds in the front yard.  They don’t really all bloom at the same time but I seem to recall from last year that they do overlap slightly.  And really, I suppose, it’s better to extend the season than to have them bloom all at once (a theme I seem to consistently revisit, as with the daffodils).

I have a real weakness for lilies (are we sensing a trend here?) and occasionally just pick up one that goes with nothing and that I have nowhere to plant.  I also plant my Easter lilies (I usually pick colored ones because they are typically hardier), so I’ve got a few sort of orphans scattered here and there.  Sometimes they come back, and sometimes they don’t, but when they do it’s always a nice surprise. One of the things I love about lilies is that there are enough varieties that you really can have some blooming almost all summer.

Lily from Easter

These bright orange ones are one of my favorites—I have no idea what cultivar they are because I got them from a neighbor. They are much less impressive than usual because the ever-present (and despised) rabbits nipped off the buds of most of them right as they were coming up.  Normally there would be about 15 in this spot—I think I have about 5 this year.

Orange lilies

And here is Fata Morgana—an interesting double flower and a lighter, more subtle color than I am usually drawn to. ;) But I think they’re pretty—especially with the yellow foliage near them and the darker red and purplish-black lilies in the same bed (which aren’t blooming yet—I’ll try to get a photo of them together).

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

I’m looking forward to spending some time in the yard tomorrow—lots of general cleaning-up type duties to take care of.  The potatoes got just huge over the 4th of July weekend—I may have to try to mound some more dirt around them. And, as always, there is the usual weed patrol.  But everything looks pretty good at this point—I’m always amazed at the gardens in early July.  Everything is so abundant and lush—the reward for working hard in May, I guess!  :)

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2 Responses to Lilies, part one

  1. Carol Madden says:

    I have the same thing going in both Superior & Hayward. I need to stake some of my tall plants today. My new “Lillies In The Field” is 10′x5′ which I first put the lilly bulbs in and then added 200 dafodils – just awesome.

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    It is really amazing the length of bloom time you can get out of a variety of some flowers, isn’t it? I think lilies are just gorgeous–would love to see a photo of your “lilies in the field”!

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