Pea picking

Saturday I actually got some yard work accomplished—not really as much as I was hoping, because it was quite warm and I am basically lazy. I don’t really like to sweat. But after about an hour we’d gotten the minimum list done—a bit of weeding, a bit of trimming, and even watering/feeding all of the containers. I feel guilty because I feel like I’ve spent far less time in the gardens than normal this summer, and it seems like they all look really good in spite of me, not as a result of me. But maybe that’s just the way it goes—as the gardens get more established, they need less work. (I can dream, can’t I??)

Then later on Saturday afternoon my sister called and said that our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, if you’re not familiar with that—we belong to Bluebird Gardens in Fergus Falls) was starting their “pea pick” that day. So we decided on the spur of the moment that we would head out first thing Sunday morning to harvest peas—it was UNLIMITED, so we had visions of buckets and buckets of peas, all free for the picking. (Well, not exactly free—we pay a yearly fee to be a member of the CSA, but the vegetable picking events go along with the membership, so we’d be paying the same amount whether we attended any or not.) We arrived at Bluebird about 9:00, got our 5-gallon pails out of the trunk, and got to work. Wow, it was a warm day. Luckily it was still early enough that it wasn’t too bad, and it was sunny so the bugs weren’t bad, either. But it takes a LONG TIME to fill a 5-gallon pail. In fact, it takes about an hour of bending over, hobbling down the rows, bending over, getting dirt in your sandals (yeah, not my brightest idea) while sweat drips down your face.

But after about an hour we each had an almost full bucket, so we decided that was enough. We brought the shelling peas back to the car, grabbed another bucket, and went over to the sugar snap pea patch. We had decided we didn’t need quite so many of those, so the two of us picked about a quarter-pail’s worth and called it a day.

We drove back to Moorhead, and then I spent the next three hours or so shelling peas. But man, are they good. Better than candy, a fact with which my 19-year-old daughter readily agreed. I even got her to help with some of the shelling by telling her she could eat as many as she wanted while she worked.  :) 

So it was a rewarding weekend—got some chores done and even had time for some fun. And I wanted to share this recent photo of my lady’s mantle and coral bells—they are still blooming up a storm! They are shown here with goatsbeard (behind) and yellow foxglove (on the right). They’ve been blooming for over a month now—I consider that pretty impressive by any standards.  :)

Lady's mantle and coral bells

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  1. Avatar of Lyz Lyz says:

    Kinda jealous, but not really.:) I still remember having bags and bags of peas to shell…and both thumbs being green almost to the knuckle.:) But I do love eating those peas – sooo much better than candy, cause there is ZERO guilt!

    Have fun!

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