Lilies, part deux

I knew I would have to post more about lilies, because I have so many and some of the really stunning ones are now blooming.

Tall yellow lilies

I really should keep better track of the names of these guys—I have no idea what most of  them are called.  Of course, a few are transplants—gifts from friends and relatives—so I wouldn’t have any way to know their names (and some are so old no one still living probably knows what they are).

For instance, the tiger lilies I got from my Aunt Jane a few years ago—I think they may have originally come from her mother, my grandmother.  Jane was very generous with
them and I have many—I didn’t realize how tall they would get, so some really need transplanting. . . for instance, I planted some right in front of our bird bath, and when they’re blooming they’re about two feet taller than the birdbath, so you can’t actually see it. . . the birds probably enjoy bathing in private, but every year I tell myself I need to move them after they are done blooming (you are correct—I have yet to actually get around to it).

Bird bath with tiger lilies

I know I mentioned in my previous lilies post that I plant the Easter lilies I bring home from church—but I always pick the colored ones (they just seem more appealing to me at that time of year—bright yellow, orange, whatever).  So I have quite a few
that were never labeled with a cultivar name to begin with—“Easter lily” is probably what they were called.  (Florists aren’t really the same as nurseries when you’re talking
about nomenclature.)

Yellow and gold "Easter lily"

I have some Stargazer lilies that used to be right behind the garage, in an area of the yard that we pass frequently, but honestly, they smelled SO BAD that I moved them into a corner of the Harry Potter garden, rationalizing that it’s legitimate because the Centaurs in the forest are “star gazers”—they study the stars.  (Lame, I know, but close enough for me.)

I do have other lilies that I specifically purchased, but just can’t remember what they’re called . . . it’s probably a good thing I only have one child because apparently I’m not so good with remembering names. ;) I probably even have the tags for many of my lilies somewhere. . . maybe even still tucked down in the big front pocket of my gardening “tool belt.”  But my organizing skills are not fabulous, and it’s never been that important for me to know, after all this time, what the names of the lilies are.

Dark red lily

So I just appreciate them when they bloom, and call them “hey you.”  It’s worked for me so far. :)

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4 Responses to Lilies, part deux

  1. Lyz says:

    Hold UP. You have a Harry Potter garden? How did I miss this? And what do you have planted there?!

    Don’t forget about Professor Trelawney, who probably did her fair share of star-gazing….:)

    • Sandi says:

      I do! (And good point about Professor Trelawney!)

      I have things like Lupines (ha!), wormwood, snakeroot, Ghost fern, Dragon’s blood sedum, Hermione hyacinths, midnight magic daylilies. . . and the list goes on. I can never think of them all when I’m trying to. Oh, and a Winkie hydrangea, and Charm daffodils. Kinda fun. :)

  2. Helpful info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

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