By any other name

Do you name your gardens?  Personally, I’ve always thought it seems sort affected, like naming your house.  (I apologize if your house has a name.  No offense.) But our gardens
always end up having names, simply because we have so many that otherwise it’s impossible to talk about them and have the other person know which one you’re talking about.  We can’t just say “the garden,” because it could be one of many.

So it’s “I need to weed the deck garden,” and “The shed garden needs more mulch.”  Every garden in our yard has a name. (Some more lame than others.)

Some of them were named purposefully (“the cutting garden”. . . ahem), and some of them came by their names in other ways. . . like ”the deck garden”  (do I have to say it’s the
one by the deck?).  “The bird bath garden”—I guess that one’s pretty obvious.  Our
island bed in the backyard is “the hotspot garden”—so named because I actually used a design from a magazine for it, and that’s what it was called.  The designer called it “the hotspot garden” because all of the colors were warm—yellow, red, orange, and pink—no blues or purples.  When we actually took out the grass to make this particular bed, it ended up being MUCH more of a “regular” shape than I was trying for—I wanted something very fluid and sort of irregular, so it would look natural.  But as it turned out, Trevor called it “the snowman garden” for years because that’s exactly what the shape looked like (and also because it really annoyed me).

Deck garden (garage garden in background)

Of course, some gardens flow into others—many of them are connected.  So the cutting garden becomes the Harry Potter garden becomes the shrub border becomes the bird bath
garden.  Then there’s “the stove garden”. . . so named because it’s home to the old cast iron stove that I got for my birthday one year from my sister (and which I decided would be an awesome garden ornament).

Stove garden

Then there is “the garage garden.”  It’s behind the garage.  (Am I going too fast here?)   That one could probably use a new name—“the garage garden” doesn’t really conjure up images of incredible beauty.  The garage garden is home to Bob, a metal parrot I gave Trevor for his birthday one year.  Maybe we should start calling it “Bob’s garden.”  But I’m not sure that would be a huge improvement.


We have “the front garden” (it’s in the front yard—this is actually about three beds that flow together) and “the shed garden.”  (It’s by the shed.  I’m sure you’re getting the idea.)  Not particularly inventive, I know, but we have to call them something.  I keep
thinking we’ll be done making gardens pretty soon, but it doesn’t seem to stop.  Maybe we should start giving them people’s names—like  hurricanes. :)

Front garden and planter

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2 Responses to By any other name

  1. Avatar of Lyz Lyz says:

    I think you should go with the people names. Also, I love Bob. I recently got a pig with wings that looks like it was made by the same artist!

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    You know, I was noticing that pig on your blog the other day–I thought it was adorable! What can I say, I guess great minds think alike. ;)

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