Zinnia trials

I was out taking a stroll around the yard last night and checking on all my babies—they are all doing so well!  The yard just seems like a riot of color right now with all the tiger lilies and false sunflower blooming.

Hot spot garden

We’ve even got color in the vegetable garden this year (aside from all the crazy-colored vegetables I’ve mentioned before).

I know I have mentioned before that last summer we participated in the University of Minnesota Master Gardener bean trials. . . we had a great time and got lots and lots of beans.  So we decided to participate again this summer—this summer we’re doing zinnias. There wasn’t a lot to pick from, vegetable-wise, and I don’t have a system for starting seeds indoors (hard to believe, I know!), so it was really the only thing left. I like zinnias, and in
fact I often plant a row of “cutting” zinnias in the vegetable garden.  (This seems to be my one exception to the non-cutting problem I have—for some reason I don’t have a problem cutting annuals from the vegetable garden.)

So, like last year, I saved two rows of precious vegetable garden space for the massive amount of zinnias I knew were on their way. (Are you sensing something coming here?)  We got the seed packets in the mail. . . six varieties, as promised.  Six little brown packets, with FIVE TINY LITTLE ZINNIA SEEDS IN EACH.  Can you just feel my disappointment and dismay?  TWO ROWS I saved for THIS??  And we’d already planted everything else, we had just been waiting for the zinnia seeds to come to complete the planting of the vegetable garden.

So, fine—I planted them.  And then I went out and bought four more tomato plants and some cucumber seed to plant on the ends and edges of the rows so the space wouldn’t be
totally wasted.

But now they’re blooming, and they really are nice—we had a really amazing germination rate, as we’ve got 4 or 5 growing of each variety.  And they are some nice sturdy
varieties in some kind of interesting colors. But I don’t really feel like I can cut them.   :)




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2 Responses to Zinnia trials

  1. Mary L says:

    Sandi: You should try the seed trials with NDSU – Check out their catalog – North Dakota Home Garden Variety Trials – they have LOTS of different seeds to trial & you only compair 2 different varieties. Professor Tom Kalb is the director & is great to work with. For fun, try them out next year!

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    I might just do that–thanks for the info! :)

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