CSA corn

I love my CSA! That’s Community Supported Agriculture, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term.  I’ve mentioned before that we share a CSA box with my sister and her husband—we belong to Bluebird Gardens in Fergus Falls.

Well, this weekend was the sweet corn “harvest event”—10 dozen ears of sweet corn per CSA “share” (along with each regular share you get four free harvest events).  So we went to Bluebird yesterday and picked corn—there were about 6 of us (our parents came along to check it out and get some corn) so our picking only took about 10 minutes.

But, WOW, what amazingly good corn!  The farm owner had been encouraging us to try it raw in the field (the raccoons’ preferred way!) and so we did—it was fabulous!  I’ve never had raw sweet corn before, but it was just incredible.  We did actually cook some up for supper, as well, and I haven’t had corn that good in probably 20 years. (I was only a toddler at the time.)  ;)   I suppose it’s partly because it was so very fresh—I don’t think I’ve ever actually had corn that was literally just picked off the plant.

As we were cleaning up the supper dishes, my daughter, Geneva, and I were talking about it–it’s amazing how you get used to the tasteless, out-of-season produce from the grocery store after years and years—it’s as if we “like” certain fruits or vegetables more because of what we remember they SHOULD taste like, not because of how they DO taste.  She has never been a big vegetable or fruit eater, but she’s a complete convert—eating raw peas and now raw corn right in the field—because it tastes really, really good—something she’s not really experienced a lot of before with fruit and vegetables. I will admit this is partly my fault—until lately it was commonplace for me to buy peaches from Florida (or wherever) and apples from New Zealand without even thinking about it—of course, they’re not going to be so fresh and tasty, they’re bred for travel, not for taste.

And Geneva will get plenty more opportunities to taste good, fresh, local food when we start picking our own tomatoes and digging potatoes, carrots, and beets.  (Ok, she won’t eat the beets—it’s a taste she’s never acquired, nor has Trevor—which just means more beets for me!)  And I must say the potato plants are looking pretty good—I hope there are lots of spuds under there!  :)


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2 Responses to CSA corn

  1. Nancy says:

    I picked corn on Friday and it is terrific. This is my first year with Bluebird Gardens and really enjoying it. Eating more veggies than I would normally buy. When I told my mom we got beets. She was surprised I liked beets, since we only ate them pickled growing up. I said these are so sweet they almost taste like pickled beets.

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    I’m with you–I have also been enjoying finding new recipes to fix things I wouldn’t normally buy. Just loving it!

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