Fruits of our labor

Well, here I am, back from my short hiatus. . . and once again, my apologies if anyone was the least bit disappointed that I didn’t post Friday or Monday.  As it turned out, the “minor”  procedure I had on Thursday ended up being a bit more on the major side.  Not a lot, really, but I was stuck in the hospital until Saturday and still not feeling all that great by Monday.

But that’s not what you’re here for!  Let’s talk gardening!  I had high hopes of spending a  day on Saturday or Sunday with Trevor playing “yard boy”. . . you know, we could walk
around the yard together and I could tell him, “That mum needs trimming.  There’s a  weed.  Maybe a bit more mulch over there.”  And he could take care of those light chores
while I directed him, and I could feel like we were a bit more on top of things
in the gardens.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? (For me, at least!)  :)   He was more than willing (bless his wonderful heart), but, as it turned out, I wasn’t even up to walking around the yard.  (He did pick tomatoes and beans, though, while I supervised from an Adirondack chair. He really is the best.)

So the chores to be taken care of still abound.  Maybe this coming weekend. . . but I digress. (Shocking, I know.) What I did manage to do on Monday was clean all the produce
that Trevor had picked on Sunday—not that there was a huge amount of it, but it was kind of exciting—we’ve picked beans about three times now, and this was by far the smallest batch of the three, but we are starting to get little tomatoes everywhere.  Only a few big tomatoes so far, but the little ones are so awesome! I just love having cherry tomatoes in
all colors and shapes—they’re so pretty when you put them in a salad, or even just in a bowl on the table.  We’ve also gotten some white cucumbers (they got a little big—they were hiding under leaves) and some of the “lemon” cucumbers, an heirloom I had planted.

Fresh picked veggies

And aren’t those purple beans just beautiful?  (I know, many people don’t get so excited
about vegetables as I do, but come on! Purple beans!! Right??) It’s really too bad they turn green when you cook them.

Green and purple beans

I can’t wait to do some canning—I’m thinking of trying pickled green beans, for something different.  Of course, my canning plans often fall the way of my gardening plans. . . but we’ll see how it goes.  :)

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2 Responses to Fruits of our labor

  1. Phyllis Paulson says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Now I know you’re feeling a little better–time to post a blog and wax eloquent on your healthy and beautiful vegetables. Love Mom :)

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    Thanks, Mom! :) Geneva actually took these for me–she’s got such a flair!

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