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I am off to the twin cities this weekend (tonight, actually) to attend my first Master Gardener State Advisory Board meeting.  Hence, the one-day-early post, if anyone out there is actually keeping track.  ;)

So if you’re not too sick of hearing about herbs yet. . .

I’m wondering if any of my fabulous readers can give me some pointers. Trevor and I decided that, since we have such a wonderful bounty of herbs this year and also have a new-found appreciation for actually USING them, we’d like to try to dry the ones we have instead of just letting them freeze.

We have never dried herbs before, though, and are looking for some advice.  My mom has a dehydrator that I’m sure she’d be happy to lend us, but it seems like the herbs would fall through the little holes. . . am I missing something here? (She mostly uses it for apple slices, and it works great for that.)  Is there another way to dry herbs, like in the oven on a sheet pan or something? Do you chop them before or after drying?

I’m also wondering if anyone can give me any ideas of how to use my “Sweet Dani Basil” and my Thai basil. . . the regular basil, of course, is easy—we use that all the time.  But the different flavors of the sweet and Thai basil make it more challenging for me.  I did use the Thai basil in a recipe for Thai salad once earlier this summer, but we weren’t crazy about the salad recipe, so I haven’t used that one again.

And if anyone has any ideas for lemon thyme aside from the green beans and lemon thyme bars, I’d love those as well.

Purple sage

Here’s a shot of one of my favorite herbs from our garden this year—purple sage. . . it tastes just like regular sage, but, of course, since it’s an unusual color, I was all over it. ;)   (I actually planted one of these in my “purple pot” as well—it’s so pretty that I like using it in arrangements as well as in the vegetable garden.) We’ve been making a very simple pizza with a store-bought crust (I know, I know—so sue me), fresh mozzarella, fresh sage, and just a little olive oil, freshly grated parmesan, and salt and pepper—it sounds too simple to be true but it is SOOOOO good.  I think we’ve had it at least 6 times already this summer. So I’m also up for suggestions how to use my purple sage, although it’s getting a fair workout just for the pizza.

Thanks for your comments—I hope you all chime in!  I’ll be back on Monday with a report on the advisory board meeting—I’m really looking forward to meeting another great bunch of gardeners!  :)

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3 Responses to More on herbs

  1. Sheri says:

    My dehydrator has a plastic insert that you put on the tray for drying things like fruit roll-ups. If mom has that it would keep herbs from falling through – But – that being said – I generally just let them dry on a pan on the counter (or stick them in an unlit stove to keep them out of the way.

  2. Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

    Ok–thanks Sher! So you don’t use heat at all? Just let them sit out?

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