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You will be as astonished as I was, no doubt, when I tell you that I actually canned carrots on Monday night after work.  Usually by the time I’ve worked a full day I don’t feel like doing much once I get home, but I was inspired (by panic).  :)

I made Dilled Carrots, which I’ve been told taste similar to dill pickles, but sweeter.  There is actually no sugar in the recipe, but I would imagine that it’s because carrots are naturally fairly sweet.  It’s basically just fresh dill, garlic, and hot pepper flakes in the jars with the raw carrots, and then a hot mixture of vinegar, water, and salt that gets poured over them.

But first I had to scrub the carrots (by far the most time-consuming portion of the whole process).  And here’s what they looked like sitting in the sink once they’d been scrubbed.

Carrots in the sink

Aren’t they gorgeous?  Can you understand why I love having carrots of all colors? I don’t know why it seems SO much more exciting than all plain orange carrots. . . perhaps
I’m just easily entertained.  But I just had to snap a photo because I thought they looked so exotic. (Unfortunately, the purple color sort of got scrubbed off on some of them. . . apparently the purple layer is pretty thin.)

As part of the whole process, I thought it might be a good thing to take a photograph of the carrots in the jars BEFORE processing, just in case their color was affected at all by the processing.  Typically the color can be affected somewhat by actual cooking, but since this was much less intense than cooking (just boiling the jars for 10 minutes) I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But basically they looked just the same before and after the processing.

Before processing

After processing

I thought the jars ended up looking really pretty—but, again, it may be the easily-entertained-factor at work here.  It just seems to me that it will be far more exciting to open a jar of multi-colored carrot pickles.  And I can’t wait to try them!  But I’m not sure how long I should wait. . . I would assume that, since the carrots were raw, it might take some time for the flavors to actually soak in. . . but I really have no clue, never having made this kind of thing before.

Anyone else out there have any helpful knowledge to bestow on me?  Have you ever made pickled carrots before? How long do you think they should sit before I try them?


On a different but related topic, I just HAD to cut open that tiny little blue potato that looked suspiciously like rabbit poop . . . remember this guy?

Tiny potato (front and center)

Well, I was a bit suspicious, because it was the PERFECT size and shape to be rabbit poop. . . so I cut it open, and VOILA!, it IS a potato.  Cute little thing, isn’t it?

Tiny potato cross-section

Tonight I really need to be industrious and make beet pickles.  I’m thinking I might actually get it done.  Stay tuned.  ;)

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2 Responses to More on carrots

  1. Sheri says:

    Your carrots are lovely. Have you ever seen or tried those gloves they advertise that are supposed to be all nubbly so you just sort of rub your hands all over the outside of the veggies and it’s like scrubbing them?

    • Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

      I have not–that’s a really good idea, though, because the little scrub brush I have was getting really mashed by the time I finished. :) I might have to get a pair of those!

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