In Monday’s post I made reference to a big family gathering we had over the weekend. . . and yes, I’m going to tie this in to gardening (or at least to canning, which I feel is somewhat related).  :)

The (short version of the) back story is this: of the four children in my immediate family, two live in Moorhead and two live in Northfield.  The two in Northfield have six children between them, so there were six years in fairly close succession in which all of the Moorhead people (which also includes my parents) traveled to Northfield in late October for confirmation ceremonies.  After the first couple of years, it was brought up that it seemed unnecessary to meet in Northfield for both Thanksgiving (which we already did on a yearly basis) and confirmation, which their church holds on Reformation Sunday (which is very near Halloween). So, one year we decided to do our Thanksgiving family celebration while we were already there for a confirmation.  Are you with me so far? Then my sister (hi, Sheri!) had the brilliant idea of actually making “gross,” Halloween-type food and making it sort of a Halloween-themed celebration, since it was so close to Halloween.

Well, if you know me at ALL you know I was ALL OVER THAT.  I LOVE Halloween.  So “Thanksoween” was born. . . and our family has been celebrating it in various locations for the past five years or so.

We got together for Thanksoween this past weekend (with costumes and everything), and I was actually able to use my recently canned Green Tomato Pickles and Dilled Carrots. . . of course, re-born as “Eyes of Newts” and “Witches’ Fingers.”  The proof is below.

Eyes of Newts

Witches' Fingers

Kinda fun, if I do say so myself.  I do have to mention that I thought the tomato pickles (“Poor Man’s Olives,” a reader said they used to call them) were pretty good—a little tart, perhaps, but tasty.  And the carrots were quite good—I was really surprised by how soft they’d gotten.  Since I put them in the jars raw and just poured the boiling pickling liquid over them, I guess I figured they’d still be pretty crunchy.  But they were very pickle-y—sort of soft but not mushy.  And very tasty!

So it was good to try my two new kinds of pickles and it was great to see my family. Long live Thanksoween!  :)

Me and my niece as Galinda and Elphaba (and yes, she's taller than I am, but then so is everyone in my family)

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  1. Tammy Paulson says:

    Love it! I really like it when you post your post to Facebook and then I know you have posted! It was in fact – a delightful event/weekend! ;) Tammy

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