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The most wonderful time of the year

Well, ONE of the most wonderful times of the year, certainly. . . the seed catalogs have started arriving!!! I always know it’s coming, but still I’m always kind of surprised by how EXCITED it still makes me. Burpee, Territorial … Continue reading

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The Gardener’s Year

Another favorite gardening book of mine is The Gardener’s Year, by Karel Capek. A lighthearted, amusing book, this one is also fairly short and a really fast read. It was originally published in Czech in 1929 and in English in … Continue reading

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Gardening nerd

I just received the schedule for an Advanced Master Gardener Education day that the NDSU Extension Service is offering in January.  It runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. . . . seven hours of gardening education (there is a … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes

After a fairly successful summer of growing four different kinds of potatoes, we decided that next year we might try sweet potatoes instead. (Trevor wondered if the number of potatoes we harvested was worth the amount of space they took.) … Continue reading

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Gorgeous weekend

What a beautiful weekend!  I probably could have (and should have) spent it out cleaning up my gardens.  But you and I both know that didn’t happen (and won’t at this point until spring). I spent much of the weekend … Continue reading

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Rabbit poop stats

Ok, sorry about that title—not real classy, I guess.  (Then again, I’m not sure anyone has ever accused me of being classy.) First, here’s some background information:  if you write a blog on Area Voices (and probably on other blog spots … Continue reading

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Confessions of a plant-hater

Ok, hate is much too strong a word.  I feel guilty even admitting dislike. But, the terrible truth is. . . I don’t like houseplants. It’s not that I don’t really like the plants, per se, it’s that I don’t really … Continue reading

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Utilizing the bounty

We had a great weekend—a few activities to participate in, but enough time at home to do some fun things, too.  (Which, in our case, usually involves at least a little cooking.) I had found a recipe for Chicken Stew … Continue reading

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A favorite book

In an effort to keep my blog relevant to the gardening  topic, I will probably dedicate a few entries over the winter to gardening books I’ve especially enjoyed. I would also love to hear from you about gardening books you … Continue reading

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Forcing bulbs

This time of year it seems I always have a yearning to pot up some bulbs for forcing. . . I’ve done tulips, daffodils, hyancinths, and amaryllis.  So, now, true confession time—of all of these, only the amaryllis and hyacinths … Continue reading

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