Rabbit poop stats

Ok, sorry about that title—not real classy, I guess. :) (Then again, I’m not sure anyone has ever accused me of being classy.)

First, here’s some background information:  if you write a blog on Area Voices (and probably on other blog spots as well), you can check what’s called your “Site Stats.”  (Anyone under the age of 25 is probably going, “DUH!”, but if this is a no-brainer for you, please be patient for the sake of us older folks.)  And one of the things that the Stats page shows is what people were searching for when they found your blog.

So here’s the thing.  Since I did my blog post on rabbit poop, I’ve noticed something I find amusing.  Or maybe the word I’m looking for is disturbing.

Since I wrote the blog entitled “And more rabbits. . .”  (which, if you don’t remember, also included some very lovely photos of rabbit poop), people have found my blog while searching the following phrases:

  1. Rabbit poop
  2. Rabbits poop
  3. Rabbit droppings
  4. Rabbit poop picture
  5. Rabbit poop compost
  6. Real bunny poop

I must admit I get a kick out of this.  But it also makes me wonder. . . why was someone searching for a rabbit poop picture? Well, ok, I guess I could figure out something that would make sense—maybe they found some droppings in their yard and were wondering what left them, so were looking for a photo for comparison.  Rabbit poop compost. . . ok,
yeah, so perhaps someone is looking to find a good use for stuff they’ve already got in the yard.  But real bunny poop?  As opposed to all the fake stuff people are trying to pass off out there on the worldwide web? And I have to wonder how many sites they found on that one.

So, in an effort to satisfy all those searchers for bunny poop out there, I’m even going to re-post this photo. . . .

Real bunny poop ;)

I guess I know now what people are REALLY interested in.  I’ll try to keep it in mind. 😉

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6 Responses to Rabbit poop stats

  1. Sheri says:

    Are you saving all of your posts so that you can publish a book in a couple of years?

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  3. Dawn says:

    Just so ya know why this one person was looking for pictures of bunny poop…
    I found a rabbit nest in my herb garden a few weeks ago and after a while, the mama moved the babies to a “safer” location. I was estimating that it was time for the babies to be exiting the nest and have been looking for signs of them. I saw what I thought was tiny bunny poop near my car this morning. Your picture confirmed it. Anxiously awaiting seeing baby bunnies out and about soon.

  4. lisa vachon says:

    I have to laugh as I’m one of the people who came across your blog searching on how to make rabbit poo! I wrote a film entitled White Crack Bastard and there is a rabbit in the film that is found and he’s surrouded by tons of poop. I have two rabbits but I thought for sanitary reasons, I’d try to make fake poop to use on set as opposed to real poo:) Hilarious!

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