The pea soup incident

That’s sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? It actually wasn’t much of an incident, per se,
but more of an amusing story.

Faithful readers may remember that I wrote a post last summer about picking peas with my sister at our CSA farm, Bluebird Gardens. To quickly sum up, we picked peas for about an hour (it was REALLY hot or we might have last longer) and then split up the booty, went to our respective homes, and shelled. I shelled most of the afternoon (we each got a five-gallon bucket full of peas).

I was excited because I had found a recipe for pea soup in the aforementioned cookbook, Local Flavors, that I wanted to try.  The recipe is called Fresh Pea, Spinach, and Coconut Milk Soup.  (Pretty self-explanatory.)

Pea soup

So, I’m getting to the amusing part, if you were wondering. The recipe calls for 1.5 to 2 pounds of “pod peas.” I assumed (correctly) that this just meant green peas, which come in a pod.  (I hope you’re following me so far.) That’s a fair amount of peas, I’d have to say.  I
actually weighed them on my kitchen scale, making sure to not use the “grams” setting. ;) But it was a fair portion of all the peas I’d shelled that day—maybe close to half.  I decided to go with 2 pounds, because I figured they tasted so great, how could there be too many peas in the soup?

Well, after I had all the ingredients in the pot, I noticed that the second step of the recipe said “shuck the peas.”  I had skimmed over that part, thinking, ok, I already did that. . . not realizing that, of course, those directions meant that I was supposed to weigh out 1.5 to 2 pounds of peas BEFORE I shelled them, not after.

I must say, however, that the soup was fantastic—we all absolutely loved it.  I have made it a couple of times since then, and I still use more peas than the recipe actually calls for, but not as quite as many as I did the first time, because that’s a lot of peas to spare for one pot of soup.  :)

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8 Responses to The pea soup incident

  1. Sheri says:

    Girl – haven’t you ever heard the adage – read through the entire recipe before starting! :)

  2. Colleen Hyde says:

    So, are you willing to share the recipe?

  3. Melinda says:

    Any ideas on what to do with overripe peas? I have a bag of shelled peas in my freezer that were picked past their peak, and I couldn’t bear to throw them away. They’re still green and plump, just too starchy for plain eating.

    • Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

      What if you made soup and then blended it a bit? Is the taste not good, or is it just the texture?

      • Melinda says:

        Their sugar content is low, so it’s a bit of a flavor problem. I wonder if I should treat them a bit like split peas…

        • Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

          That’s probably a good idea! I’ve got some corn in the freezer that was a bit “old” when we picked it, too–not sure what to do with it but couldn’t pass it up because it was free. It would also probably be decent in soup. . . :)

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