Potatoes and beef

Since I spent much of the afternoon on Sunday making dinner, I thought I’d milk it for a blog entry share it with my blog readers.  :)

I mentioned in Monday’s post  that I was excited to already have almost all of the ingredients for “Tri-Color Scalloped Potatoes” and “Minnesota Meatloaf.”  So I decided to make them both for dinner on Sunday, since I’d have all afternoon to putz with it–I must say, it took longer than I thought it would to make them—both recipes are just a tad bit involved. I’m going to concentrate mostly on the potatoes here, because of the whole vegetable thing.  And because that recipe was quite a bit tastier than the meatloaf, in the end.

So I started out by slicing the potatoes into 1/8-inch slices (or a reasonable facsimile). . . and they were so pretty I just had to take a picture.

Sliced potatoes

I’m probably a total vegetable nerd, but I just think things like this make cooking really fun.  :)

Then I layered the potatoes in the pan, alternating colors. . . the first layer was perfect but the second layer couldn’t be, because I didn’t have exactly the same number of slices of each color.  But I still think it looks pretty.  I put melted butter and chopped garlic and fresh thyme between the layers and then on top, topping it off with two cups of cream (I didn’t say this was a diet-friendly recipe, you know) and a cup of Gruyere cheese.

First layer of potatoes

All ready for the oven

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, when I saw the price of Gruyere ($30 a POUND!) I actually bought Jarlsberg instead—which was still expensive but almost half the price of the Gruyere.  I figure, they’re both Swiss, so close enough.

Then I finished up the meatloaf recipe and slid the meatloaf and the potatoes into the oven.

Finished product

The potatoes were delicious.  They smelled really garlicky while they were cooking but they didn’t taste too garlicky.  Just yummy and buttery and creamy with a touch of garlic and thyme.  In the end, I would have to say I would make both of these things again, but I would probably cut down on the bread crumbs in the meatloaf—it tasted a tad bit “bready” to me.  And I will definitely know not to make either one on a weeknight.  ;)

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6 Responses to Potatoes and beef

  1. Ginny says:

    I love the way you talk about cooking–you need to start *a second* blog on recipes! I would read that one, too. This potato dish looks fantastic. :)

    • Avatar of Sandi Sandi says:

      I was thinking I should probably actually change the name of this blog–to something about gardening and cooking. Since that’s probably what it will be like over the winter, at least. :) Although I’ll definitely be sharing recipes this summer, too, since we’ll be getting all that awesome produce!

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Looks and sounds delicious. I learned something new about you today.

  3. Barbara A says:

    Sandi, Dave and I will have to try this potato dish…thanks for sharing!

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