The potatoes have eyes

Sounds like a scary movie, doesn’t it?? Although, technically, I guess it’s sprouts that I’m really talking about, not eyes.

I went down to the basement the other day to grab some potatoes for something I was cooking, and I noticed some long, scary, purple tentacle-like things coming out the top of the bag of purple potatoes. After I flashed back to the movie “Alien,” I realized that my potatoes were sprouting.  REALLY sprouting.  The purple ones more than any of the others, for some reason.

Potatoes sprouting (aren't they kind of creepy looking??)

Now, I realize that I have some strange and diverse interests. . . but they sort of freaked me out because they really reminded me of Buffy’s “bad egg” in that one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. . . .

Buffy's "bad egg" (see the resemblance??)

But on to things that readers might actually care about.  ;)

I went online and tried to find out how to prevent this potato-sprouting situation from continuing, and as it turns out, there’s probably not much I can do.  I will say that last fall we purchased some nice, cloth produce bags from Gardener’s Supply Company, which we have not yet hung up, which means the potatoes are still sitting on the floor in plastic grocery bags.  A couple of the sites I found did say that you should not store them in plastic
bags.  :) (Although at least they are in a pretty dark place, so that’s good.)

So my plan is to get them up off the floor and into their nice fabric bags this weekend—but in the end, I guess you can really only expect them to last so long in storage. And at least we’re using them at a fairly good rate. If anyone out there has special knowledge about this topic, I’d appreciate any helpful hints you might have.

I’m hoping you can’t get poisoned or anything from eating potatoes with sprouts. (Maybe it’s time for some more online research. And a little less Buffy.)  :)

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6 Responses to The potatoes have eyes

  1. Geneva says:

    It’s never time for less Buffy.

  2. Jim Jensen says:

    Many potatoes are sprayed with a chemical to prevent sprouting, so it is good that your’s were not. Potatoes are best stored in the dark around 45-48 degrees. If they are stored much colder as in the refrigerator, they will produce sugar and be too sweet.

  3. Phyllis Paulson says:

    I grew up on sprouted potatoes (January through June) brought up from the cellar. So did your dad–so I guess they’re not harmful.

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