Recipe win

As I blogged about in great detail on Monday, sometimes recipes just aren’t good.  Or, maybe I should say, sometimes in the end the taste just doesn’t appeal to us.  And in the wake of my great recipe failure of Saturday afternoon/evening, I was comforted (and felt somewhat vindicated) to try two new recipes on Sunday that both turned out very well.

First was the soup I made for lunch on Sunday.  It was called Puree of Vegetable Soup, and the recipe was unique (at least in my limited experience) in that it called for “three cups of vegetables” and “two teaspoons of fresh herbs” and left it up to the cook what vegetables and herbs to use.  I find this very clever (and useful) because you  could make it any time of year with whatever you have on hand—great way to utilize that seasonal produce!  It also has a chart (to help some of us that are a bit more challenged in some areas) that matches vegetables and herbs for good flavor.

The recipe also called for one medium potato—I happened to have a leftover half of butternut squash from the debacle recipe the day before, and I decided to throw in about another cup of potato and then just enough carrots to fill out the three cups.  I was going to use sage (the suggested herb to go with winter squash), but I thought (and Trevor confirmed) that my sage just smelled funky (and I do mean funky in a bad way). . . so I tossed it and decided to go with thyme instead.

I used a pink (Cranberry Red) potato and orange carrots—and (of course) I had to take a picture of the vegetables in the pot—I thought the pink was pretty with the two shades of orange.  :)

Veggies in pot

So basically you just boil those ingredients (there was onion and garlic as well) with chicken or vegetables stock, and after the veggies are soft you blend it up.  (I love my stick blender. Love, love, love.)

The soup turned out fantastic—really tasty, and very healthy.  (Admittedly, I added a bit of
cream to my bowl, which the recipe suggested, and it was great that way—Trevor, of course, ate his straight.)

Pureed vegetable soup

Then I made Wild Mushroom Risotto—I’m not going to go over that one in detail, but it was basically mushrooms and shallots and rice, boiled with 6 cups (one cup at a time) of stock.  Then after all the stock is absorbed you take it off the heat and add cream and parmesan cheese. It was also very good, but not nearly as fabulous as the pureed veggie soup.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

But it was good to have a successful cooking experience on Sunday—it made the disappointment of Saturday’s recipe not quite so bad. Like I said, I guess you can’t expect them all to be fantastic.  I’m happy if I get a real winner out of every three or so—that seems like a reasonable outcome to me.  :)

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  1. Sheri says:

    I feel the same way about shoes. If you can get a real winner out of every 3 (or 4) pairs that I buy I think I’m ahead of the game. (Not to say I can’t WEAR the others – just not awesome!)

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