And more potatoes

Are you sick of hearing about potatoes yet?  My mom said she’s going to start calling me “the potato lady.” :)

But I think I’ve made my potato selections for this year’s vegetable garden.  Since I get  white and yellow potatoes from my CSA, I decided to concentrate on the funky colored ones this year (especially since we decided we’re not going to dedicate two whole rows to potatoes, like we did last year).

I’m going to start my list with Red Thumb Fingerling—the catalog says ”This fingerling potato has a brilliant red skin and when the tuber is cut in half lengthwise, pinkish rings can be seen in the flesh.” That’s pretty cool.  Next comes Mountain Rose: “A newer variety with bright red skin and flesh. When cooked, red flesh keeps its color.” Wow!  Any bets as to what “bright red flesh” seriously looks like?  (I’m guessing pink.) ;)  And, of course, I can’t forget about purple—I thought the All Blue we planted last year was great, but it’s always fun to try something new, so I’m going with Purple Majesty Potato, which the catalog says is “the deepest purple of the blue/purple potatoes.”

Here is a shot of the Mountain Rose (I don’t think I’d call that “bright red flesh”. . . maybe “medium pink”. . . but ok).

Mountain rose potato

As far as sweet potatoes go, I think I’m going to end up just sticking with the orange ones this year. . . I know, I know—but I seem to be having trouble finding purple sweet potato plants for sale online. I’m sort of afraid to try “slips” (I’m not even completely certain what those are), which I did find in the purple variety.  And I found some white ones but they only come bareroot, which I’m not as comfortable with, either.  And the more I think about it, the more I think it might be good to stick with something fairly standard for our first year trying them. So I think it’s going to be 12 Centennial and 12 Georgia Jet, for a total of 24 plants—they all seem to come in really large amounts.  :)

So if any of you have been really successful with sweet potatoes and want to give me some advice, I would greatly welcome it. It’s so exciting to try something new!  :)

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