Another good recipe

I was perusing my favorite cookbook, Local Flavors (by Deborah Madison), the other night, and I came across another recipe I wanted to try. Actually, I had some mushrooms left over from a different recipe I’d made, so I was specifically looking for a place to use a couple of cups of mushrooms. And I saw this recipe, which is called Corn and Chanterelle Chowder.

Now, I will be the first to admit that what I had were not chanterelle mushrooms.  But really, how different do mushrooms taste?  So I decided to give it a whirl, considering that I also already had the potatoes, corn, and thyme called for in the recipe. All we had to buy was some milk and a couple of leeks.

Trevor started the recipe before I got home, because he gets home before I do and we knew this one would take awhile to cook (the “stock” part is supposed to simmer for 30 minutes).

Stock ingredients

So by the time I got home, he had taken the corn off the cobs, diced the potatoes, leeks, and onion, and set the milk, potato skins, leek ends, thyme, and empty corn cobs to simmer.

Stock. . . simmering

At that point it was pretty much just to wait for the stock. So I had a glass of wine.  :)

At the end of the 30-minute simmering period, I strained the stock and set it aside.  I then melted some butter in the stock pot, added the potatoes, leeks, thyme, and a cup of water to sort of steam them a bit. As always, I thought the colors of the leeks and potatoes (Trevor had picked a pink one and a purple one) were pretty.

Potatoes and leeks

Then I fried up the mushrooms in a different pot (in more butter) and after a few minutes added them to the big pot along with the corn and milk-stock.  At that point we just had to wait for the potatoes to get soft (read: drink more wine), then add a bit of cream and more fresh thyme.

It wasn’t beautiful by any means (beige and beige in milk in a white bowl), so I’m not sharing a photo of the finished product. 😉 But it was really quite good—lots of different layers of flavor.  I thought it was sort of “putzy” recipe for soup, but I would have to admit that in the end it seemed worth it—we both agreed we would make it again. Chalk another one up for Local Flavors!! :)

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  1. Wilbur Ince says:

    As a mycologist, you assumptions appall me. This is like saying “we had some sliced ham in the fridge, so I made veal parmesan”. EPIC FAIL

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