The last of the lamb

I decided to use up the last of our local lamb this weekend (we need to find another source) and make Moroccan Lamb Soup.  It was a recipe I’d run across a few weeks ago and was just saving it for a Sunday when I had some extra time.

It was an interesting recipe in that it called for whole cumin seed and whole coriander seed, which you were supposed to toast on the stovetop in a skillet, let cool, and then grind. Now, let me just say that I have never done this before. . . it’s possible that I’ve run across directions like this in a recipe before and just used already-ground spices.  But I figured, since it’s a Moroccan dish, it might actually be kind of important to the final flavor, and I was game to try.

So I put whole cumin and whole coriander on the shopping list.  And Trevor went to the grocery store. But do you think he could find whole coriander seeds anywhere?  (If you’re thinking “no,” you’re on the right track.)  So, we bought ground coriander (and then found a whole jar of ground coriander up in the back of the spice cabinet later in the day. . . but that’s another story).

I did toast the cumin seed, and wow—did it ever smell wonderful!

Basically the dish was lamb, canned plum tomatoes (and juice), chicken stock, some water, onion, garlic, and the spices (which also included red pepper flakes).  And then after the soup has been simmering for an hour or so, you add garbanzo beans and just get them hot and it’s ready to go.

It was really good—we both agreed that it was worth making again (on a day when we had a bit of time to spare).  :)

Moroccan lamb soup

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