Off to Mexico

My parents took off for Zihuatanejo, Mexico, yesterday.  On Saturday, my brother and his wife will join them, and on Sunday my sister, her husband, Trevor, and I will join them as well.

It has been a long time (five years) since I’ve had a tropical vacation—I absolutely cannot wait for a whole week of relaxing in the sun and laughing with my family!

Sorry to say, I have not prepared any blog entries to post while I’m away, and I won’t have access to a computer there (not that I’m complaining—I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually been away from e-mail for a whole week).  But I promise to have something pithy and witty to say when I get back on March 5.  (Ok, I promise I’ll have something to say. . . I guess I can’t really guarantee the rest.)

This is the view from our hotel, the Villa Mexicana—I think I can get used to this real fast. I can already taste the margaritas. . . . :)

Villa Mexicana

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5 Responses to Off to Mexico

  1. Ann says:

    Greet the clan and have a great week away! I’m heading north. Something about me has always preferred cold.

  2. dan clark says:

    Just got back Monday from 16 days in Troncones, a small, authentic fishing village about 20 km north of Zihua. Managed to travel in to Zihua twice to visit old friends that run a small inn just off of LaRopa.

    Recommend you try breakfast at Patty’s Miramar Cafe on the beach. Great place to do yoga in the platform right above the restaurant. Patty is a very nice lady if you have a chance to meet her.

    Zihua has great restaurants downtown. The fish market is fun to see and watching the kids and adults play basketball in the center square is great fun as well.

    All good! My wife and I spent our vacation living in an open air casita on Manzanillo Beach near Troncones. No crowds, dirt roads, a house with no windows, no doors just the sound of waves. Honest, hardworking people of Mexico get a bad rap from the drug stuff but there are no problems where you will be. Have fun!

    • Sandi says:

      That’s so great! We’ve been to Cancun a couple of times but are really looking forward to the relative quiet of Zihuatanejo. My parents have been there a few times and just love it. Regarding safety, I think you’re right–you just have to use your head and be sensible–there are lots of dangerous places in the USA, too. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  3. Betty Brooks says:

    Hi, We’ve been to Mexico and Zihau. A few times. If you want another nice place to stay, it’s in Ixtapa—about 5-8 miles from Zihau.–we’ve rented a Villa on the Hotel Tesora grounds and it’s a great place. It’s on the beach and also has a beautiful pool. The villa sleeps 6, has 3bedrooms and 2baths, is nicely decorated and comfortable. The price is very reasonable. Check out Facebook for Chris. McEnroe. There’s also a website but I need to look it up. It’s a private rental. Email me if you have any questions. Betty

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