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What’s coming up

It’s funny how, for a couple of weeks there, it seemed like there were new little things poking out of the ground daily.  Now with the weather we’ve had the past week or so, I’ve noticed it’s really slowed down. … Continue reading

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A cooking weekend

While I was not spending time in the garden this weekend (I know. . . FAIL), I was spending time doing one of my other favorite, most therapeutic things. . . you guessed it—cooking! I found another book that features recipes … Continue reading

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First blooms

Well, I did not get nearly as much done this weekend as I was hoping. . . I was just too lazy to work outside in all the wind.  I was running some errands on Saturday morning, and it was … Continue reading

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Of squill, clippers, and corn

It seems like there’s something new coming up in the gardens every day—a couple of days ago I noticed these little guys peeking up. It looks like I need to pull grass, I know, but really it’s Scilla.  This is … Continue reading

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What a difference. . .

What a difference just a few days makes. . . this beautiful spring weather has the plants coming up all over the place. I was out last week and snapped a photo or two of what I could see coming … Continue reading

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Partial win

Well, I didn’t get as much accomplished this weekend as I had hoped. . . wow, was it ever windy. But I did clean out a couple of beds in front of the house (where they will show the most). … Continue reading

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Kind of cliché, but. . .

How can I NOT talk about the weather?  It’s just been so beautiful this week—really more like May weather than March, that’s for sure.  It’s really giving me the itch to get out in the yard, though. We bought a … Continue reading

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The potatoes have eyes. . . part 2

They came!  I got my beautiful potatoes in a little box in the mail the other day! Witness their perfection: I admired them, dutifully checked the tags to make sure they were the right varieties (surprised I even thought of … Continue reading

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And the winner is. . .

I got a small package in the mail last week from the U of M. . . I knew exactly what it was.  It was my seeds for the U of M Master Gardener seed trials!  I had requested cucumbers … Continue reading

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Christmas in March

Even though the yard is still covered with snow, the anticipation is building.  I can hardly wait until it’s nice enough outside that I can at least get out and do some cleaning up. Because the packages have started arriving. … Continue reading

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