The potatoes have eyes. . . part 2

They came!  I got my beautiful potatoes in a little box in the mail the other day! Witness their perfection:

Potatoes in their box

I admired them, dutifully checked the tags to make sure they were the right varieties (surprised I even thought of that, right?), and was on my way to deposit the box in our cool, dark basement.

Because potato-planting time is still WAY off in this part of the country—but of course the seed catalogs never seem to really take that into account. . . sure, they have different shipping schedules for different zones, but they all seem to be inordinately early (for our zone, anyway).  So I figure the basement is the best place for them to await planting.

But, as I was going down the stairs with the box, Trevor said, “Don’t forget to take them out of their little mesh bags. . . remember last year?”  Well, obviously, it had slipped my mind.  But as I glanced at my potatoes from last year, sitting in THEIR bags (but these are just waiting to be eaten), the lesson should have been apparent.

Here are the potatoes from last fall’s harvest, sitting in the cool, dark basement.

Potatoes sprouting

Notice all of their (kind of gross-looking) sprouts?  Now, just imagine those same kinds of sprouts, coming out through all the little holes in a mesh bag.  And then imagine trying to get them OUT of the mesh bags without just ripping out all the sprouts.

Now you see what I’m talking about.  Or, more precisely, what Trevor reminded me of.  Because he’s the one that had the patience last year to coax them all out of their little mesh bags (surprise, surprise).  😉

Of course, at this very moment, the box with the potatoes in the little mesh bags is still sitting on my kitchen table. . . but I’m sure I will get around to taking care of them very soon.  :)

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2 Responses to The potatoes have eyes. . . part 2

  1. Sheri says:

    I would use a scissors and cut the bag up – rather than coax them out. Potato Potahto

    • Sandi says:

      Well, you’d have to cut every tiny little hole with a sprout through it–seemed easier to coax them out. :) But then again, maybe you can just rip the little suckers off and it doesn’t matter?? I’m not an experienced enough potato-grower to know.

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