Kind of cliché, but. . .

How can I NOT talk about the weather?  :)

It’s just been so beautiful this week—really more like May weather than March, that’s for sure.  It’s really giving me the itch to get out in the yard, though.

We bought a propane patio-heater last spring, late enough in the season that we only used it a couple of times before it got warm.  Trevor put it away in the garage for the winter, but we’ve been talking about the fact that, the past couple of weeks, if it had been out already we may have even been able to sit outside in the evenings a bit.  I think this weekend it’s going to come back out again. (So, if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse, you’ll know it was all our fault.)

I am always hesitant to work in the yard too early in the spring, at the risk of compacting my garden soil (even worse than it already is), but it seems fairly dry already this year—I just may give it a shot this weekend.  At the very least, I can trim off the things I can reach from the driveway and sidewalk. But I think I could actually get quite a bit of clean-up done if the weather is as nice as they’re predicting.

I’m still feeling a little bit guilty about leaving all my garden cleanup for this spring, so it would really feel like I was making progress if I could get even half the beds cleaned out this weekend.  And, as nice as it’s been, I have a feeling that the plants may be coming up a bit earlier than usual, too, in which case it’s nice to have things cleared away for the new little shoots.

We looked around the yard a bit last night and found these little guys:


Dragon's blood sedum

So, instead of dwelling on the fact that I don’t really believe winter is over yet, I’m going to appreciate these gorgeous temperatures and the wonderful sunshine and get outside this weekend.  Even if it’s just to have a glass of wine on the deck.  :)

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3 Responses to Kind of cliché, but. . .

  1. Tammy Paulson says:

    wish I could be there for the wine on the deck:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Katie says:

    I’m going out on a limb… The sad remains of my chives are coming up again in their patio pot I left outside all winter, so I went ahead and planted the new seeds to supplement the crop. The seed packet recommends waiting till May, but the way I figure, if things are growing on their own already, they must know it’s safe to come up out of the dirt. :-)

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