Partial win

Well, I didn’t get as much accomplished this weekend as I had hoped. . . wow, was it ever windy.

But I did clean out a couple of beds in front of the house (where they will show the most). 😉  I always forget how much clipping is involved. . . and how quickly I form blisters from my clippers.  Of course, it would probably help if I invested in a new (sharp) hand clipper, but I have a problem with most of them—it seems like it’s really hard for me to find one that’s designed well enough that it doesn’t lock up while I’m trying to use it.  So, I’m stuck with my old one, which doesn’t lock when I’m using it, but which is not exactly sharp anymore.

We did get most of the garbage picked up from around the yard, and actually put out the deck furniture (and used it).  Although as we were having lunch on the deck on Saturday and our lettuce kept blowing out of our bowls, we decided perhaps we’d finish our lunches inside. 😉 But we did christen the deck chairs by having a beer out there on Saturday afternoon. Trevor also put out the heater, so we can use the deck in the evenings now, even if it’s a bit chilly.  Of course, if there are gale-force winds, the heater doesn’t help so much.  (Obviously we weren’t able to use it this past weekend.)

Deck heater

I do feel good for getting a start on my cleanup chores—this time of year it always seems so overwhelming and I always think, “Why didn’t I at least start this in the fall?”  But at least I’m predictable if nothing else.

And it was good to sit on the deck for a bit Saturday afternoon and then again Saturday evening—the fresh spring air just smells so wonderful.

Maybe the coming weekend will be nice enough that I can cross another bed or two off my cleanup list.  :)

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4 Responses to Partial win

  1. Geneva says:

    Maybe daddy can sharpen them for you 😉

  2. Ann says:

    Wish you could see my grand prix indoor amaryllis that had a very rocky second year. Three gorgeous deep red blooms so far, long overdue from the Christmas season, but that’s the part of the story that makes their vibrant flowers so great for this week of the beginning of Spring!

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