Of squill, clippers, and corn

It seems like there’s something new coming up in the gardens every day—a couple of days ago I noticed these little guys peeking up.


It looks like I need to pull grass, I know, but really it’s Scilla.  This is what it looks like in full bloom.

Blooming Scilla, 2011

It’s a beautiful, delicate little flower that grows from a tiny little bulb—the flowers are small enough that they’re not real noticeable unless you have quite a bit of it. But, as do all flowers this time of year, they add such a welcome bit of color.  Scilla siberica is its name—some people also call it Siberian squill.  And it is a beautiful color—I’m not sure what it is about blue flowers that’s so appealing to me (maybe because there are so few really blue flowers), but I think these are just gorgeous.  They have spread a bit since I put them in, probably about 8 years ago—which is a nice quality in a bulb, if you ask me.  :)

I’m hoping the weather holds this weekend—I have SO much garden cleanup to get done, still, and am hoping for a full day of yard work on Saturday and maybe another on Sunday. I did go out a buy a new clipper, so I’m hoping it will go a bit better this time than it did last weekend—I really can’t afford to let it go too much longer, at the rate things are growing!

And, on a completely different note, I made my favorite fried corn recipe again last night–but we didn’t have any fresh basil or shallots, so I used thyme and scallions instead. . . it was, still, absolutely fabulous.  I still have enough frozen corn from last summer for about two more big batches of fried corn. . . I have a feeling it will be getting used for just that. :)

Happy weekend gardening! :)

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  1. Jason Werk says:

    I have enjoyed your blog. I too am an enthusiastic gardener anxiously awaiting spring. Keep up the great work. Love the pics.

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