First blooms

Well, I did not get nearly as much done this weekend as I was hoping. . . I was just too lazy to work outside in all the wind.  I was running some errands on Saturday morning, and it was gorgeous—sunny, warm, and beautiful. But by the time I got home, changed, and got out in the yard, the wind came up, the sun went behind clouds, and it got cold! So I did one more bed and called it quits.

There is still a LOT left to do. . . but at least it’s still fairly early in the year.

Trevor sent this to me at work on Friday—the first bloom in our yard!   A little Iris reticulata—usually the first one to bloom every spring.

Iris reticulata

And then this weekend I went around looking, thinking that if the Iris reticulata was up, the crocus must not be far behind. . .


And I did find a few up, but not yet actually open.  Still pretty few and far-between, though, but I guess it IS still March!  It’s very unusual for us to have much blooming before my birthday in the beginning of April.

Hope this wonderful weather continues! :)


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One Response to First blooms

  1. T Webb says:

    Funny; I did the same thing on Saturday! My perennials are popping out of the dirt and am enjoying this early weather!

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