More signs of spring

I was out in the yard the other day, regretting my laziness (no garden cleanup accomplished this past weekend) and marveling at all the beautiful little guys coming up in my gardens. . . so I just have to share some.  Let me know if you’re getting sick of this. 😉

First, the crocus (which have been up for a week or two) are, of course, blooming now.  They are so tiny and bright—I just love them.


Then I spied my delphinium coming up—at one point I had about seven of these, but apparently they are fairly short-lived perennials, and although I find them absolutely stunning, I decided a few years ago not to replace them as they petered out. . . their hollow stems are so weak, and the gorgeous flowers are so top-heavy, that they always end up falling over while they’re blooming—and I don’t happen to think that massive amounts of flower-supports are attractive.  So, in spite of the fact that I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, I’ve sort of given up on them in my own yard.  We’ll see how it goes—once they’re all gone, I may change my mind. . . but it never seems to fail that, the very minute they start blooming, we have a big wind-storm and they just topple over.  In any case, here’s one of the two or so I have left, peeking up.


And here are the allium—they will turn into big, gorgeous, purple balls of bloom that never fail to elicit comments from visitors.  They truly are dramatic—you can tell just by the big, sturdy shoots that they will be something larger-than-life.  :)


And here are the old die-hards, the peonies. . . I just love peonies.  Maybe it’s because they’re one of the first things to bloom in my garden, or maybe it’s because of their wild and unabashed fuchsia color, but I think they’re just stunning.  I’ve got about six peony bushes in the “cutting garden” (haha) and then another four that line the path in the vegetable garden.


It’s so much fun this time of year to see these plants coming up—I know I’m probably strange, but to me it sort of feels like old friends, coming back for another visit.

Now, if I could just get the rest of those beds cleaned out, to make room for those old friends. . . .   :)

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