Getting things done

Well, I’m off today, as I’m sure many of you are–and I’ve been looking forward to getting some things done.

No matter what the weather turns out to be today, I think I need to accomplish a few things!  My darling daughter, home from college for the holiday weekend, has offered to help with the garden cleanup, and I gratefully accepted.  I can clip and she can bag, and we should be able to get through things fairly quickly, I think.

If I have time, I would love to find and pot up some pansies–I had some in my front railing boxes last year and they are always such a welcome sight, especially this time of year.


I haven’t seen any around yet, but I haven’t really been looking yet, either.  So I may take a trip out to one of the big box stores after I get my chores done. . . and it would be REALLY fun to get the potatoes and asparagus planted. :)

But at this point I’ll settle for decent enough weather to at least get a bit further in my cleanup! Happy Easter! :)

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