Cleanup accomplished

Wow–what a great feeling!  I got ALL the garden beds cleaned up and ready to go for spring (which appears to be already here).  I have to give credit where credit is due, though–I could not have done it without help from my loyal crew. :)

Trevor and Geneva both helped me on Friday, and, in spite of the wind, we had all of the beds done and about 8 bags of yard waste by 1:00.  It’s such a relief to have that accomplished and no longer hanging over my head–now I can concentrate on some of the more enjoyable aspects of spring gardening.

For instance, after the cleanup was finished on Friday I actually still had time to put some pansies in my front railing boxes.


And more pansies

I just love having flowers this early in the year–it is such a welcome burst of color after all the grey, brown, and white that is winter in Minnesota.

The scilla are in full bloom–it didn’t take them long to really get going (and I noticed they’ve spread a bit this year, too–I love bulbs that multiply on their own!).


So, all in all, it was a very fulfilling weekend–I still have potatoes and asparagus to plant and lots of weeding to do, but at least I feel like I’m making some headway now. And now on with another week! :)

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2 Responses to Cleanup accomplished

  1. Geneva says:

    Glad to see you used the scilla picture, too! :)

    And as always, happy to help you with your garden needs (pretty sure I got a little bit tan!)

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