More from the Arboretum

I had so many great photos from the Arboretum from our trip last weekend that I just have to share some more. . . as I mentioned, I couldn’t believe everything that was already blooming down there.

Emperor tulips

Trevor was so impressed with these beautiful tulips, he thinks we should buy some for our yard (the foliage in front is some other plant–not the tulip foliage).  They really are beautiful–they were in the conservatory, and it’s hard to get an idea of how absolutely huge they were from this picture.


There were Redbud trees all over the place–I’ll have to do some checking, but I don’t think they are reliably hardy in our zone here in Moorhead–I’m thinking if they were, we would see some of them (they sure are beautiful!).

Daffodils and hyacinths

These dark hyacinths were gorgeous with the yellow daffodils–I just love the scent of hyacinths–it did smell absolutely wonderful there.

More pictures on Friday–I’ve got just a few more that I have to share.  In the mean time, hope you’re having a good week! :)

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