One last Arb post

I just had so many beautiful photos from our trip to the Arboretum last weekend that I have to share a few more. . . I will have something more original on Monday, I promise. 😉

Here are some gorgeous tulips–they had SO many different kinds and colors that it was just incredible.  But I thought these were particularly pretty.


There were also a lot of really cool things there that weren’t actually plants–I thought this gate and this fence were so fabulous!

Cool gate

Nifty fence

And they had a large-ish area with espaliered fruit trees–I’ve always thought these looked really cool but I don’ think I’d ever have the patience to do it (or a reason to, really). :)

Espaliered fruit trees

Well, we’ve got our hands on a tiller (thanks, Ann and Jeff!) and I think Trevor’s going to till the vegetable garden this afternoon. Perhaps I will have the time and motivation to plant my potatoes and asparagus.

Happy weekend gardening to you! :)

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