No-gardening weekend

Well the weather didn’t really cooperate, so we got no gardening done this weekend–Trevor was hoping to till the vegetable garden on Friday and I had hopes of planting asparagus and potatoes on Friday or Saturday. . . . but apparently it just wasn’t meant to be.

I had a work thing on Saturday and Trevor was down helping out at the lake place, so Saturday was kind of a bust, anyway–it’s probably good the weather wasn’t beautiful or we’d have really felt like we should be out in the gardens.

My new potatoes that came in the mail about a month ago are apparently raring to go.

New potatoes

And the old potatoes from last year are starting to look like they’re going to take over the whole basement pretty soon.

Last year's potatoes

They are really looking scary.  If anyone wants some nice purple potatoes to plant, just let me know.

I spent part of yesterday making Beef Tagine and couscous for three of my favorite girls–aren’t they just too cute??

(The one in the middle belongs to me.) :)

This week at work is going to be a killer, but I’ll try to post as I usually do.  I’ll probably need it as therapy, anyway. 😉

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3 Responses to No-gardening weekend

  1. charlie says:

    Sounds like you have a very intense case of mud fever, as my wife calls it.
    Turning the garden of course falls on my shoulders, which I did mid March and again a week or so ago. All she has in so far is onions and peas. And lots of complaints about the weather.
    Me? I’ll be turkey hunting no matter the weather so I hope her weeds quit growing.;)

  2. Larry says:

    There should be an additional “zone” for gardeners around the lake. Plants thrive or not depending on the zone—— We could call it the Gitchie Gummie no garden zone.
    I’m being a whiner, but the older I get the less I want to be out in that cold lake wind.
    The garden is fun when that northeast wind is gone and the weather warms up though!!!

    • Sandi says:

      I’m with you–I just hate fighting the wind! But it’s wonderful to be out there once it calms down a bit. At least it’s been early so far! :)

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