Hopeful for the weekend

I have high hopes for getting some gardening done this weekend, and it looks like the weather might just be perfect (knock on wood).

I have LOTS of dandelions to dig out (I just hate those buggers) and some other weeds to take care of.  I have shrubs that could use trimming, although this is actually’s Trevor’s job; he’s got a new electric trimmer he’s been dying to use. I also have lots of veggies left to plant.

I know it’s a bit early yet for most veggies, but we have some “Wall-o-waters” that we use around our tomatoes if we get them in early (that almost never happens!) so we could actually plant tomatoes if we were able to pick some up.

It’s so nice to be able to be out and about again–the weather has just been fantastic this spring.

Here is a picture of our newly tilled vegetable garden last Saturday.  If you would have told me, when I first started gardening, that the sight of all that freshly tilled dirt would fill me with such pleasure and excitement, I would have thought you were crazy. . . now I know better. :)

Vegetable garden (just ignore the weeds!)



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