A semi-productive weekend

It was a semi-productive weekend–I didn’t actually get any gardening done, but I did get a couple of other, related things accomplished.

We drove up to Ada to the Laughing Earth Nursery and bought our tomatoes.  We picked up a dozen different heirloom varieties–they have such a huge selection there!  I chose a yellow one, an orange one, a couple of reds, and of course a yellow pear and a couple of different cherry tomatoes.

The rest of the weekend was pretty busy, so they are still sitting there, waiting to be planted.

Flats of seedlings waiting for planting

I’m sure they will wait there patiently until I have time to plant them, but I’m hoping it will be soon.  I know it’s hard on them to have irregular watering (it’s hard to keep such small containers evenly watered). But life always tends to intrude on my gardening plans.

So they will wait. . . and I’ll get them in eventually. :)

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