Big plans

As always, I have big plans for the weekend–big gardening plans.  I really hope the weather cooperates.

The cutting garden is looking just gorgeous right now–it really is at its best when the peonies are blooming.

Cutting garden

Everything else is coming along–the first of the irises are about done but some of the really beautiful ones are just starting.  I plan to take some pictures this weekend.

We will be home all weekend and I want to spend most of my time just doing some weeding, some deadheading, maybe a little trimming, and putting down some mulch to replace what disappeared over the winter.

Those are the kinds of jobs I enjoy the most–just sort of puttering around, making things look nice and neat. :)

I also want to spend some time just enjoying being outside on the deck and patio–I have pledged that I will not let this summer go by without enjoying the view now and then. And on Sunday we’re going to grill a turkey and have our parents over, so I’m really looking forward to that as well.

I will post again on Monday, and I hope to have a long list of chores done at that point and perhaps some more photographs.  Happy gardening! :)

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