Checking things off the list

What a gorgeous weekend it was! Even yesterday, in spite of the day starting out rainy, it ended just beautifully with mild temperatures and a wonderful blue sky!

Saturday was fabulous–I spent pretty much the entire day just puttering around, weeding, pulling grass, trimming, and deadheading.  We also put down a bit of mulch.  The wonderful thing about little chores like that is that everything looks so nice and tidy when you’re done–I love that sort of immediate gratification!

Some of our more beautiful irises are in full bloom and are just “Wow”ing me, as usual.  A couple of my favorites (I seem to have a lot of favorites, don’t I??) are this beautiful dark purple/black Superstition iris (originally from the Harry Potter garden but moved because it needed more sun) and this equally stunning Merlot iris.

Superstition irises

Merlot irises

The front garden is looking pretty good at this point–it really is one of my favorite gardens.

Front garden

It was wonderful to be out in the yard again, getting things done but also just enjoying being outside.  And I did take the time for a beer or two on the deck at the end of the day–I can sit out there for hours, just taking in the sights and fragrances.

What a stunning time of year this is! :)


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