Radishes and kohlrabi

I tried a couple of new recipes this weekend–it’s always fun to find new ways to use produce that I’m not real familiar with.  I mentioned last week that we’d gotten some kohlrabi in our CSA box, so I found a recipe for that, and the other thing we often get a lot of that I’m not used to using much is radishes.  So I looked through some of my new cookbooks and found a few radish recipes, one of which I tried on Sunday.

The kohlrabi recipe I found in my tried-and-true “Local Flavors,” a cookbook I’ve often talked about on this blog.  It’s by Deborah Madison and it has tons of wonderful recipes, all using seasonal produce.

Basically the kohlrabi recipe was just shredded kohlrabi fried in butter with onions and fresh thyme and finished off with a few tablespoons of cream.  How bad could it be, right?  However, I would have to say, I thought it was just average–not fabulous, not bad.  I mostly tasted the thyme.  (Maybe I used a bit too much!) Trevor thought it was really good, though, so I will probably make it again.

The radish recipe I actually found in the same book–I’ve got quite a few of those “seasonal-produce-type” cookbooks and some of them have quite a few radish recipes.  But this one seemed the simplest–it was basically sliced radishes tossed with fresh chives and olive oil and served on top of arugula with some Parmigiano Reggiano shaved on top.  That one was pretty good–different, but sort of simple and fresh tasting.  I would definitely make that one again, as well.

We get another box tomorrow and I’m so excited to see what’s in it! :)

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  1. Colleen Hyde says:

    I love radishes, and they make a great sandwich with your favorite bread!
    A colorful and refreshing appetizer: Your favorite snack cracker with a cucumber slice,
    topped with a radish slice and 3-4 carrot shreds, and optionally, a drizzle of thin ranch
    dressing (use milk to thin it). I can skip the dressing, and even the cracker!
    Call them “salad bites”!

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