Enjoying the yard

I was home with a sinus infection last Friday.  I am not a stranger to sinus infections, but since I started using a neti pot they have been fewer and further between.

So, I was feeling kind of crummy, but a bit better since being on antibiotics, and really didn’t feel like accomplishing anything (if I’d felt that good, I’d have gone in to work).

So I dragged one of our patio chairs and a small table into the shade of a tree, and sat there and read.  All day.  It was fantastic.

Dragonfly sculpture

The weather was beautiful and mild–not too hot, not real breezy, just absolutely perfect.  I read and listened to the birds and just enjoyed the gorgeous day (while blowing my nose every two minutes).  Then I realized that the last time I had done that (for an entire day) was five years ago when I was home for the day with a sinus infection. . . I decided there’s something wrong with that scenario.  I guess when I’m feeling 100% I’ve either got things I need to accomplish or we go to the lake for the weekend.

It was quite a revelation–I’m not sure whether there’s really anything I can DO with my new knowledge, because I still have a to-do list a mile long and we will still go to the lake on the weekends.

But I’m going to try to spend more time enjoying and less time frantically checking off my to-do list.  Really. :)

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