Flowers galore

What a gorgeous weekend! We had a busy schedule, so I got absolutely NO gardening done, but I was able to get out for a bit and take a few photographs.

This is such an amazing time of year–the flowers are so beautiful and the weeds haven’t gotten too out of hand yet. :)

I discovered a clematis I didn’t realize I had–I think it may have been one that I planted a couple of years ago but it hadn’t bloomed until just recently.  What a beautiful purple color it is!  Most of my other clematis plants are bright pink or lavender, so this is a nice change.

Purple clematis

When the gardens are looking really nice and lots of things are blooming, I always sort of get this feeling that they are looking great in spite of my efforts, not because of them. :)  I’ve hardly spent any time weeding this year, but the grass-killer spray I’ve been using has apparently been working, because the beds are remarkably grass-free.

The “hot spot” garden

And once in a while, when I’m doing my containers, I accidentally hit upon a plant combination that I end up just loving–this is one of those.

Patio pot

I love the combination of the chartreuse green Heuchera and Coleus foliage and the orange Lantana flowers.

I’ve been loving being out in the yard and just sort of soaking up all of the beauty!  It’s so renewing, in a way. And it was another beautiful day again yesterday–I was so glad the fantastic weather held through the evening–I was really looking forward to spending some time on the deck reading, which I did.  It was heavenly, communing with my plants and refreshing my spirit. :)

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