The lilies begin

It’s been a beautiful week, for the most part–we got some rain, which my plants enjoyed, but we’ve had lots of sunshine, too.

I’ve spent a little (not enough, but some) time on the deck, which has been great.  The yard looks so beautiful right now!

Lilies, yarrow, and Lychnis

The lilies are starting–I have so many different varieties of lilies that I have lilies blooming for many weeks, and they are all so gorgeous!


The thing I love about lilies is that you can plant them in drifts or just pop them in here and there where you have a little bit of room–I’ve done both in my gardens and they are a welcome splash of color wherever they are.

We are off to the lake again this weekend–I’m looking forward to seeing how the vegetable beds there are doing! :)

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