Pea picking

Well, we are back from vacation and wow, was it hard to get up and get to work this morning!  Not that I really got to sleep in too much the past 10 days, but it’s hard to get motivated after so much time off.

While we were at the lake for the 4th and into the following weekend, our CSA farm (Bluebird Gardens) started their “pea pick” harvest event.  So on Thursday, my sister, her husband, her daughter, Trevor, and I went to the farm to pick peas.  We did the pea pick last year and got two 5-gallon buckets of shelling peas.  They were SO good that we decided to use two of our harvest coupons this year so we could each get two 5-gallon buckets (we share a CSA “share” with my sister).

In about two hours, we had four of these.

Bucket of peas

Then we all sat around for an hour or so after lunch and shelled peas–what a wonderful family we have, to all pitch in and help! :)

Shelling peas

When we finished, we had about 80 cups of fresh peas. . . YUM!

Shelled peas (and three of my beautiful nieces) :)

Then we started talking about how much we love peas.  And we decided to go back for MORE peas on Sunday morning.  So we used one more harvest coupon and got another 5-gallon bucket of shelling peas and then one 5-gallon bucket of sugar snap peas.

You really can’t have too many peas. :)

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4 Responses to Pea picking

  1. Phyllis Paulson says:

    Mmm mmn good!

  2. Ann says:

    Do you know the Barefoot Contessa recipe for pea pods, dark sesame oil and black sesame seeds? I realize it’s pods and not full grown peas like you’re enjoying, but just in case you get some “feeble” ones. Need the recipe? Really that’s it.

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