Long list of chores

Since we’ve been out of town the past three weekends in a row, I’ve got MANY garden chores on my list of things to accomplish this weekend.  The beds are all looking a bit out of control and wild–I’m afraid to even go out and scrutinize the vegetable garden for all the weeds I know are in there.

Good thing we will be home this weekend–and no plans, other than getting some (lots of) yard work done.

I’ve got trimming, deadheading, and weeding galore waiting for me, so I hope it’s not too terribly hot–I’m going to try to get going fairly early in the morning so that I can get some things done before the heat really sets in.  But I have a feeling I have more hours worth of chores than I actually have hours available.  :)

So, we’ll see how it goes.

But one thing I know I will do while I’m trimming is make a few bouquets–it’s amazing to me how good flowers look in a vase, even if they seem like sort of a motley assortment of items.  I cut some random flowers and foliage on Sunday night to bring to work on Monday, and was surprised by how nicely it turned out.


One thing I try to remember is that foliage always adds–and it’s something I often overlook when I’m putting together a bouquet.  Ladies’ Mantle is also a wonderful filler, similar to baby’s breath, but chartreuse.

I know I’ve got lots of mum plants to “de-flower” this weekend, so I will use those for a little bouquet as well.  I’m hoping for lots of flowers on my desk and in my living room over the next couple of months! :)

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2 Responses to Long list of chores

  1. Sheri says:

    How are the beets doing?

    • Sandi says:

      Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. :) I haven’t looked in a couple of weeks–terrible, I know! I did not have a great germination rate, I know that, and they only gave me about 6 seeds of each kind. So I’m not going to have a ton of beets, that’s for sure. But one thing I need to do this weekend and get out there and check them out and make some notes about how many of each kind I have, etc. I’ll say hi to them from you! 😉

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