Garden party

I had a couple of gardening friends over the other night–what a party we had!

The evening was absolutely stunning–warm, a light breeze, and lots of sunshine, at least until the party went into the late hours. 😉

I love these women–they are both members of my Master Gardener group, and we are quite the quirky bunch–especially when there is wine involved (which, of course, there always is).

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s so much fun to share the yard and gardens with other people–and when those other people are also gardeners, it’s just that much better!  We strolled around the yard with our wine glasses, talking about potatoes and lilies and whatever else came up.  When it started to get dark, I turned on the twinkle lights that are wrapped around the deck railing, and we just continued on with the party.

Darling daughter joined us before it got dark, also, and I took the opportunity to have Trevor take a few photos.


We look sort of motley, too, in all of our scary t-shirts. 😉

But what a great time we had!  We talked and laughed and drank wine and ate snacks long past my usual bedtime.  But it was awesome, and such a beautiful night to be out enjoying the deck.  I’m going to plan another garden party really soon. :)


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