Father’s Day flowers

Hello, beloved readers! It’s good to be back.  Or at least sort of back. 😉

I’m not back at work (and not ready to be, not by a long shot) but I’m feeling a bit better and at least able to get around a bit on my own at home.  Man, I really hate having surgery–I’m hoping that will be my last one ever.

So I was out a bit on Saturday while Trevor was working in the yard. . . he had time to “plant” the flowers Geneva and I gave him for Father’s Day.

He’d always admired the big, rusty, metal flowers that we’d seen around town at a couple of flower shops, so I decided to try to track some down for him for Father’s Day.  It was easier than I thought it would be–there just happens to be a metal artist that lives near Battle Lake (five minutes from my family’s lake place), and he has a website.  So after just a few minutes of searching online for “large metal flowers,” up popped this page that had the PERFECT thing.  The artist’s name is Paul Boyum, and he’s got a lot of really cool stuff–we actually bought a dragonfly sculpture made out of silverware in Battle Lake last fall that turns out is one of his pieces.

Anyway, since these flowers are very large, it did take a fairly good-sized hole to plant them in, and we just haven’t been around much on the weekends since Father’s Day.  But we had already picked out a spot for them, and so on Saturday Trevor dug the hole and then I held them straight while he filled the dirt back in.

Metal flowers

I think they look really cool–our fence is six feet high, so that gives you an idea of size here.  I was excited to get them in the ground–I think they look just great by our front door! :)

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  1. Gwendolyn Richardson says:

    Good Day,
    Would love to know where I could purchase Metal Flowers you have posted on Pinterest.
    Thanks so much

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