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Refrigerator cukes

We’ve been getting lots of cucumbers from the garden in the past couple of weeks–far more than we can eat.  And between being at the lake every other weekend and recovering from surgery (and then a nasty bout with the … Continue reading

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Beet update

I thought maybe it was time for a beet update. As I mentioned this past spring (for those paying attention), we’re doing the beet seed trials for the University of Minnesota this summer.  In past summers we’ve participated in the … Continue reading

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The first potato

I was out in the garden yesterday just doing a little veggie picking (mostly beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers still at this point–and a few peppers here and there).  And I noticed a pinkish purple little guy trying to push himself … Continue reading

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Crazy seed pods

The world of plants is just so interesting.  I’m frequently amazed by how beautiful so many different parts of plants can be–the flowers, obviously, but some plants have gorgeous leaves, or seed pods, or even stems. And sometimes when the … Continue reading

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More harvesting

The harvest begins in earnest now!   We already had a bunch of green beans in the refrigerator, and when we got home from the lake last night, Trevor went out and picked another bunch–as well as quite a few … Continue reading

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One of my favorites

I thought I would share one of my favorite plants–Rudbeckia ‘Herbstsonne’.  It’s commonly called Black-eyed Susan, but this cultivar actually has green “eyes” that turn brown later in the season.  I’m not a huge fan of Black-eyed Susans (or daisy-style … Continue reading

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Enjoying the weather

We did something last night that we hadn’t done yet all summer–we ate supper on the patio! It seems like a no-brainer. . . I often think that we should do that every night that the weather cooperates.  But schedules … Continue reading

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Productivity returns

This weekend I had a return to productivity. . . not huge, but making progress, which is encouraging. I’m feeling better every day and becoming more ambitious, too, so the end of recovery is in sight. I had fairly big … Continue reading

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The harvest begins

The tomato harvest has begun! The little ones, especially, seem a bit late this year for some reason–which is a little odd, since we actually planted early since it was so warm this spring. But they are coming like gangbusters … Continue reading

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As simple as a BLT

I had a visit from my “egg lady” yesterday. I had been searching for a source of fresh eggs, and couldn’t believe my luck when my dad put me in touch with someone who actually works on the same campus … Continue reading

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